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(see our Dare Family DNA results below!)

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Dare Family Researchers have compiled a database of over 127,500 names over the last 94  years!  If you think you are related to us, you have a lot of documented cousins!!  :)  Hi cuz!


Come meet your 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th cousins at our  92nd  Annual Dare Family Association Reunion!

Saturday September 19th 2015

held at:

Union Presbyterian Church - Ground Floor Dining Hall,
254 Shell Road (Rt. 130), Carney's Point, NJ  08069

Handicapped Access to the dining area is via the left side entrance.

Others may enter there, or via the front steps entrance, and then head left downstairs.

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Another great opportunity for Food, Fun, Fellowship, and the sharing of photos and information with your Dare kin! 

We visit for a bit, browse Dare Family historic displays, then share a delicious home style meal, followed by a discussion time,
elections, and other DFA reports and business.

Special Note!
Sat. Sept 19, 2015 is the city-wide yard sale!  Apparently most houses in town have tables out on this day! 
Attendees may want to arrive early and shop first, or shop after the meeting! 
Even the upstairs and front yard of the church will be set up with sale items!


Click here
for the 2015 reservation form
to mail to Virginia Dare Schneeman
before Sept. 05

This reunion is open to all Dare Families, regardless of your ancestral line!  Since we have linked over 80 % of the Dares in America by DNA, we'd like to meet you, if you have a Dare ancestry!  We have a historical display and archive that includes many Dare family lines. 


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DNA Info:

Important side note: Over 80% of the Dares in America are not descended from a Dyer Family Line, as some people once thought before DNA tests of Dyers and Dare were compared!  They are radically different.  So the Dyers are not our ancestors.

Click here for more details:


btw: If you have male Dare DNA results and you match, please let us know?  Thanks!
We use FamilyTreeDNA.com and have a Dare Family group discount there. FamilyTreeDNA is the largest and most thorough DNA testing service.  Our 37 marker Dare DNA is as follows:

Y-DNA of Male Descendants of William Dare b 1605: 

Haplogroup: r1b1b2

horizontal rule

Locus -1 --- 2 -- 3 -- 4 ---- 5 ----- 6 ----- 7 --- 8 --- 9 --- 10 ---- 11 --- 12
DYS#  393  390  19*  391  385a  385b  426  388  439  389-1  392  389-2
Alleles - 13 -- 24 -- 14 -- 11 -- 11 -- 14 -- 12 -- 12 -- 11 -- 12 -- 13 --- 28 ---

horizontal rule

Locus --13 -- 14 ---15 --- 16 --17 --18 --19 -- 20 -- 21 -- 22 -- 23 --- 24 ---25
DYS#  458  459a  459b  455  454  447  437  448  449  464a  464b  464c 464d
Alleles - 18 --- 9 -- 10 -- 11 -- 11 -- 25 -- 15 -- 19 -- 32 -- 15 -- 16 -- 17 --- 17 -

horizontal rule

Locus -26 ---- 27 ------ 28 ----- 29 --- 30 -- 31 - 32 - 33 --- 34 --- 35 --- 36 -- 37
DYS#  460  gataH4  ycaIIa  ycaIIb  456  607  576  570  cdYa  cdYb  442  438
Alleles - 11 ------ 11 ----- 19 ----- 23 --- 16 - 15 - 17 - 17 -- 37 ---- 38 -- 11 -- 12 ---


horizontal rule

If you are a Dare Family Researcher, please join the World Dare Research group at:  http://www.genealogywise.com/group/Dare_Family

Also you can join our Dare Family Researchers Group on Facebook!

Any Dare descendants can join the Dare Family group on Facebook to share life with other Dares from around the world!


Current Association Officers:

William H. Dare - - -                President      Bill@DareFamily.com

Bob Davis       - - - -                 Vice President

Sara Bates      - - -                    Recording Sec.

Virginia Dare Schneeman  -    Treasurer

Dave Bates    - - - -                  Association Historian and Webmaster  Dave@DareFamily.com

Membership entitles you to participate in the business meeting of the Association and supports further research into our family history!
Membership also entitles you to the members-only sections of our web site, if you are a descendant of Captain William Dare of Lyme Regis, England or the Calvert County, MD Dare line.
Current members (of any line) will receive access to the 123,000 name family tree coming soon on MyHeritage.com !   This tree will be frequently updated as changes and additions are made and will give you insight into what we are missing on your family branch!  It includes Dare families from around the world.

Please send your $5.00 membership fee (per year) to our treasurer:

         Mrs. Virginia Dare Schneeman
         The Dare Family Association
         42 Burgess Road
         Monroeville, NJ 08343-1825

If you send your e-mail address with your membership, Dave Bates will send you a kinship report, listing all your Dare relatives, plus how they are related to you!  It is a lot of fun to have!   You never know, your next door neighbor could be your 6th cousin!  My best friend was!

Our Dare family database currently contains over 40,000 descendants of William Dare of Lyme Regis, Dorset, England and another 50,000+ relatives, including  Sheppard, Moore, Bates, DeVault, Adams, Allen, Ayars,  Bacon, Bateman, Brown, Davis, DuBois, Elwell, Fithian,  Friend, Hall, Harris, Hitchner, Howell, Johnson, Lippincott, Lore,  Mulford, Ogden, Page, Parvin, Powell, Reeves, Sayre,  Sharp, Smith, Stratton, Thompson, VanMeter, Westcott,  Wood and many other long-time South Jersey families.   We now have association members in 28 states plus Canada!

To contact our Family Historian or to send updates or corrections to the family tree please send your e-mails to: dave@darefamily.com

Also, if you would like to send pictures, documents, or family trees, please email them for our archives!


(Please, if you find any problems with this web site or if you'd like to see something and haven't found it, don't hesitate to e-mail me!  I appreciate criticisms as well as questions!) 

This web site deals with our family history - our past,

          but are you ready for your future?